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Parkdale has an active crime prevention program called Operation Restoration.  Based on the success of this program, which originated in Parkdale in cooperation with Police and City leadership, other neighborhoods are now adopting this model.


Regular meetings are jointly held with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) where issues relating to crime or suspected crime are reported and discussed.  Each item is followed-up by officers dedicated to serve the issues opened through this process.


Operation Restoration


  • Residents observe and take note of activities within their neighborhood

  • Residents report concerns they've noted to the DPD

  • These regular meetings create an active network of neighbors working in full partnership with dedicated Police officers to resolve the known problem areas.

  • DPD works each issue noted over the course of the next 4 weeks

  • DPD reports on status during the next meeting



How to Participate


Parkdale's crime prevention program derives its success almost entirely from neighbors who are reporting actionable intelligence to the DPD.  To participate in this program, neighbors provide written intelligence reports to the officers at the Operation Restoration meetings.  The same information can also be submitted online at: 

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