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Thanksgiving With Our Officers

Since 2003 Parkdale residents have been providing Thanksgiving lunch for the first shift Police Officers the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We provide lunch to the first shift because this is the shift that’s always forgotten, these are the over night officers that protect us while we are sleeping warm in comfy in our beds at night. Let us show them our appreciation by treating them to a nice lunch. This helps build rapport with SE and shows just how much Parkdale cares.

When we started this Parkdale tradition in 2003 we provided a full Thanksgiving spread and through out the years at the request of our officers we treat them to a boxed lunch. This year we would love to treat them to a nice variety tray of sandwiches, chips, drinks, cookies, and snack baggies (peanuts, trail mix, etc.). The one thing I love about Parkdale is the generosity of our neighbors and how we come together as a community when needed. Past events, including this one, would not be possible with out your help and donations. We are asking for monetary donations, any amount helps. We also ask for Thank You cards from your family. The officers really appreciate the hand made Thank You cards.

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